Dyson ruling shows European Courts are ‘fair and deliver justice’

A ruling which has upheld a case brought by Dyson against EU energy labelling is proof that the European Courts are fair and deliver justice, says Molly. Sir James Dyson argued that the EU energy labelling system was misleading and inaccurately rated his vacuum cleaners because their energy efficiency was not measured while the products were in use. The European Court has today upheld his arguments and annulled EU regulations on the energy labelling of vacuum cleaners.

Molly, who previously met Mr Dyson to discuss EU regulations on energy labelling, said:

“This ruling shows that the European Courts system is fair and delivers justice. Rightly, given the huge threats posed by climate change, the EU is striving for high energy efficiency standards. But when a reasonable challenge to the way those standards are measured and enforced is brought to the European Courts, the EU’s justice system listens, and forces changes where appropriate to do so. I know from having spoken to Mr Dyson that he is genuinely committed to high energy efficiency standards with his products, so this is a fair verdict from the European courts.”

Sir James Dyson, one of the South West’s leading entrepreneurs and strong supporter of Brexit, has recently come in for criticism for announcing his new driverless car will be produced in Singapore rather than the UK. Previously, he moved production of his bagless vacuum cleaners from Wiltshire to Malaysia.