‘Puzzling’ discrepancies between Met Police and Electoral Commission over Leave law breaking must not further delay police investigations, says MEP

Molly, who has been enquiring into delays to criminal investigations into the Leave campaigns, has said that the clear discrepancies between accounts by the Met Police and the Electoral Commission  are ‘puzzling’, but must not stand in the way of urgent police investigations.

A letter from the Met Police claims evidence from the Electoral Commission was not received until 7th September, but a letter from the Electoral Commission claims the necessary evidence was ready for the Met Police in July, but that they didn’t collect the evidence files until early September. 

Responding, Molly said:

“There are clear discrepancies here between the Met Police and the Electoral Commission on when and how information was passed between the two organisations. This is puzzling, but let’s not waste valuable time focusing on who did or didn’t do what and when. What’s needed now is for the Met police to guarantee that they can conclude these investigations as a matter of urgency.

“Time is fast running out before the date we are due to leave the EU. It would be a travesty of our democracy if the results of the investigation by the Met Police into law breaking by the Leave campaigns didn’t come to any firm conclusions until after 29th March next year. If crimes have been committed and prosecutions are likely to follow, this could change minds over Brexit. We desperately need this information so that it can form part of the public debate on our future relationship with the EU.”