MEP to join Halloween launch of rebellion against climate breakdown and ecological crisis

Molly Scott Cato will today speak at the launch of a ‘rebellion against the UK government’ in response to climate breakdown and the ecological crisis. The launch is part of a global ‘Extinction Rebellion’ movement which aims, where necessary, to use mass civil disobedience and peaceful law breaking to press the government to ‘enter World War II level mobilisation mode’; and force them to act.

Speaking about the campaign, Molly said:

“Climate breakdown and the global ecological crisis are far more scary than anything Halloween can throw at us. Just yesterday WWF released this year’s Living Planet Report which revealed a 60% decline in vertebrate species. And a few weeks ago, the latest IPCC report on climate change warned we have just 12 years to make urgent and unprecedented changes to our economy and society in order to limit global warming to 1.5⁰C.  

“It is no exaggeration to say that our survival as a species, in any sense in which we presently recognise humanity, is at risk.”

Molly joins a range of journalists, academics, politicians, campaigners, and educators who have pledged their support for the rebellion. Earlier this month Molly joined 100 academics, including former archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, in signing a letter in support of Extinction Rebellion.

At the launch in Parliament Square, Molly will say:

“A powerful alliance of wealthy individuals and multinational corporations has subverted the political process and blocked action. This is why, whoever we are and whatever we do, we are coming together now as citizens acting under concern to say we are prepared to engage in non-violent but illegal action to force urgent climate action. Enough of words and hypocrisy and broken promises. It’s time to act.”