Criminal investigation into Leave campaigns must be treated as ‘urgent matter’ and carried through ahead of Brexit date, urges MEP

Molly has welcomed an assurance from the Specialist Crime unit at the Metropolitan Police that ‘political sensitivities’ have not been responsible for the slow progress in investigating criminal activities by Vote Leave and Leave.EU. However, she has urged the Met Police to treat the investigation as a matter of urgency so that a report on the outcome of criminal investigations into the Leave campaigns can be completed ahead of the date the UK plans to leave the EU, and in time for the criminal activity by the Leave campaigns to form part of the public debate around the final decision on Brexit.

The letter from Met Police Specialist Crime commander, Stuart Cundy, is in response to a letter sent to him and signed by 78 cross-party MPs, peers and MEPs. In the letter, Mr Cundy indicates that the investigation process has been slowed by a delay in receiving documentation from the Electoral Commission. Responding to the letter, Molly said:

“I welcome the reassurance from the Metropolitan Police Service that political sensitivities are not impeding this investigation. But progress is far too slow. The fact that it took so long for evidence to reach the Met Police from the Electoral Commission undermines the sense that this crucial investigation is being taken seriously. We need this to be treated as an urgent matter.

“If crimes have been committed and prosecutions are likely to follow, this could change minds over Brexit. We need this information ahead of the date the UK is due to leave the EU, so that it can form part of the public debate on this vital decision.”