Cross-party parliamentarians demand criminal investigation with a view to prosecution of Vote Leave

Seventy-eight MPs, peers and MEPs have written to the Director of Intelligence at the National Crime Agency and the commander of Specialist Crime at the Metropolitan Police seeking reassurances that they are pursuing criminal investigations into Vote Leave.

The cross-party signatories, who include Lib Dem leader, Vince Cable, Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, Labour’s Lord Adonis, and Conservative MP and former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, are demanding an urgent response, wanting to know whether the law enforcement agencies are carrying out investigations to determine whether prosecution might be appropriate. They have also questioned whether the government has pressurised the agencies to ‘soft-pedal’ the investigation due to political sensitivities.

The letter was coordinated by Molly and Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw.

Molly said:

“Legal impunity for politicians is what we expect from a banana republic, not a modern democracy. With several cabinet ministers having been on the Vote Leave campaign committee, this is clearly a politically sensitive inquiry. But all the more important that it should be carried out urgently and with no hint of political bias. 

 “The voting public needs reassurance that those who break the law will face justice. But this is more than just prosecuting illegal activity, it is necessary to reassure citizens that nobody is above the law and that our legal framework protects our democracy.”

Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter, said:

“Protecting our democracy and electoral system from illegal activity is a vital responsibility of our law enforcement agencies. It is extremely important that the police and the NCA take their duties seriously and do not allow the fear of political controversy or, worse still, political interference to deter them in that work.”

Full letter and list of signitories here