MEP denounces ‘Project Fear’ Bournemouth MP

Around 100 protestors from the Dorset for Europe group rallied outside the Leave means Leave meeting in Bournemouth.

Molly has denounced Bournemouth MP, Conor Burns, as duplicitous after he joined Nigel Farage and DUP MP, Sammy Wilson, at a Leave means Leave rally [1] in Bournemouth.  

Molly said:

“When I joined Conor Burns in a referendum debate in Bournemouth in 2016 I raised concerns about how Brexit could threaten the Northern Ireland peace process. He scoffed at this suggestion, saying Brexit had nothing to do with peace in Northern Ireland and accused me of pushing the worst type of project fear. Now we see him sharing a platform with the DUP’s Sammy Wilson, who has said that a no-deal Brexit is probably inevitable and has threatened to vote down any deal which ‘cuts Northern Ireland free’. Such an outcome would put serious strains on the hard-won peace the island has enjoyed in recent decades.   

“Leading Brexiteers are duplicitous at best and downright dangerous at worst. They threaten peace not just in Northern Ireland but have ramped up tensions and divisions within local communities across the country. Just today we have learnt that hate crime has soared, with the Home Office blaming spikes of hatred on the result of the EU referendum. I pay tribute to the protestors who greeted those attending the Bournemouth Leave means Leave meeting with a message of Hope not Hate.

“It is clear that Brexit threatens our society, our economy and our environment. There is no Parliamentary route out of this shambles, so it is up to the people. That’s why I will be joining thousands this Saturday in London for the People’s Vote march, calling for a vote on the final deal with an option to remain in the EU.”