Green MEP calls for Binding Treaty to hold corporations to account

Molly is this week in Geneva joining parliamentarians from across the globe and a network of over 200 social movements, networks, organisations and affected communities campaigning for a UN ‘Binding Treaty’ to hold transnational corporations (TNCs) accountable for their human rights violations.

Molly, who is part of a Green delegation to the Geneva meeting, will meet campaign groups and parliamentarians during the two-day event. She will also meet with the legal councillor for the UK permanent representation to the UN; the UK has not supported the Binding Treaty. Molly said:           

“By offering governments the bait of investment, transnational corporations have successfully lobbied for free trade agreements and investment protection. This has allowed them to violate human rights and trash the environment with impunity.

“Global supply chains are becoming increasingly intertwined, whilst parent companies become ever harder to trace. They are almost impossible to hold to account within one jurisdiction. Due diligence measures can only go so far. This is a final push to make those measures binding and to stop corporate impunity.”

“Governments and the European Union have been complicit in protecting this impunity by using the same arguments as corporate lobbies, stubbornly defending ineffective voluntary guidelines.

“It’s time that EU member states like the UK, that are blocking such a Binding Treaty, put people and their rights and welfare before private profit.”