Response to ‘Salzburg failure’

Responing to the rejection of the prime minister’s ‘Chequer’s plan’ by EU leaders yesterday, Molly said: 

“It was clear from the start that the Chequers plan was designed to bridge the gulf inside the Tory party and was never a realistic proposal. Why would 27 nations accept a proposal that undermines the fundamental principles of a club the UK is choosing to leave?

“Salzburg is a sign of the total failure of the government’s negotiating strategy and symbolic of the damage Brexit is inflicting on the UKs reputation on the international stage. Now the Tories are again resorting to the narrative that paints the EU as the bogeyman in an attempt to cover up the embarrassing humiliation Theresa May has suffered.

“The truth is, EU leaders were prepared to support May but only if she compromised on the Irish border and single market rules – of which British Tory MPs were key architects. It is her intransigence and decision to use divide-and-rule tactics in EU capitals that sabotaged this.

“There is only one route out of this shambles and that’s a People’s Vote. This idea has been gaining increased cross-party and public support in recent weeks as it becomes increasingly clear that this is the only realistic way through the deadlock.”