People’s Vote ‘now looks unstoppable’ says Green MEP

Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, has said the campaign for a People’s Vote now ‘looks unstoppable’, and has called on Labour to ‘be on the right side of history’ by backing it. She says the campaign has today received a ‘massive boost’ because the architect of Article 50, Lord Kerr, has authored a new report which concludes the Article can be revoked and that there are ‘multiple routes’ to securing such a vote.

Molly said:

“The campaign for a People’s Vote now looks unstoppable. The idea has been gaining increased cross-party support in recent weeks as it becomes increasingly clear that this is the only realistic way through the deadlock that has been reached in Parliament.

“Today the campaign has received a massive boost with a new report authored by Lord Kerr, the architect of Article 50. He has thrown his support behind the People’s Vote and sees no reason why the EU would block a decision by MPs to put the decision back to the people. He has also made clear we have the right as an EU member to withdraw the letter and could remain in the EU without changes to the terms of our membership.

Reflecting the wishes of the majority of Labour members, many Labour MPs support a People’s Vote, but the Party’s leadership still needs convincing. I urge Labour members, trade unionists and supportive Labour MPs to put pressure on the leadership to be on the right side of history and back this crucial vote.”  

“We now know that leaving the EU under any scenario would be a disaster for our economy; for jobs and for our rights and environment. So let the people have a final say on whether they want the deal on offer or to decide their lives will be better if we remain part of the EU.”