Hungary vote in European Parliament: a demonstration of the division between democracy and right-wing extremism, says Green MEP

Molly has welcomed a vote in the European Parliament today which has backed the triggering of the so-called Article 7 procedure to censure Hungary over violations of the rule of law. The Hungarian government has taken a series of authoritarian moves in recent years, which have seen the closing of media outlets, the shrinking of civil society space, targeting refugees and threatening academia, all of which are in clear breach of European values.

The resolution by Green MEP Judith Sargentini was supported by over two-thirds of MEPS. However, Conservative MEPs voted against the motion.

Responding, Molly said:

“This result shows the important role the EU and MEPs play in upholding civil liberties and human rights. It is a shame the Tories seem to have abandoned these values, but perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised since they belong to the same political group in the European Parliament as nasty far right characters, the Sweden Democrats.

“This is also a demonstration of how the self-inflicted harm from Brexit leaves us vulnerable, having alienated our closest friends and allies. In our desperation to create new partnerships post-Brexit our government appears willing to prop up all manner of unsavoury regimes, including the Orbán government, which has clearly failed to protect freedom of speech and the rule of law.

“Meanwhile, Nigel Farage told the Parliament in a debate yesterday that he thanked God for Orbán. This should ring alarm bells about the serious threats posed to our democracy by Brextremists if we leave the EU. The division between democracy and right-wing extremism has never been clearer.”