Green MEP responds to CBI call for new Freedom of Movement rules

Molly, who is Green Party spokesperson on Brexit and on economics, has responded to CBI proposals on freedom of movement, which call on the government to drop targets on immigration numbers and introduce new freedom of movement rules for EU citizens post-Brexit. She says the measures proposed by the CBI are almost entirely possible under existing EU law and the deal negotiated by David Cameron in February 2016. They are, in effect she says, a call for the continuation of free movement.

Among the proposals are a compulsory registration for EU citizens after arrival in the UK, something other EU countries do already, and which the UK could choose do if the Home Office were capable of administering it, and restricting EU citizens’ to a three month stay unless they can prove they are working or studying, which is already EU law.

Molly said: 

“In effect, by calling for a system where EU workers avoid the burdensome rules of non-EU migrants, the CBI is calling for a continuation of freedom of movement. But, enforced by existing EU rules. 

 “The clear need for a version of free movement shows that one of the key drivers of the Brexit vote lies in tatters. Rightly so. Because, as the CBI point out, immigration delivers significant economic benefits for the UK with foreign workers putting in more than they take out. But this is about more than economics. Above all, freedom of movement grants people the precious gift of freedom to travel, study, work or love across our wonderful continent.”