‘White Knight of global tech-wars’ imposes record EU fine on Google – Green MEP Molly Scott Cato responds

Molly, who sits on the Economics Committee in the European Parliament, has responded to the record fine imposed on Google by the European Commission [1]:

“Again we see the EU having the power and the courage to stand up to the global tech monopolies. This eye-watering fine indicates that Margarete Vestager is the White Knight of the Global tech wars, battling the corporations on behalf of the consumer.”

Dr Scott Cato, who is also the Green Party’s speaker on Brexit, continued:

“This action shows that only the collective strength of blocs like the EU can take on corporate giants like Google. EU Competition standards can put a stop to the unfair advantages large companies have; advantages that can stifle innovation and opportunities for smaller rivals. If the UK goes ahead with Brexit we will not have the size of market or the powerful institutions necessary to stand up to companies with such massive global reach and dominance.”

The European Commission today imposed a record fine of €4.3 billion on Google for abusing its dominant position in the market and forcing smartphone manufacturers which use its Android operating system to have Google apps pre-installed. It took three years for the Commission to deliver its largest ever anti-trust fine for a single company.