The ministers behind Vote Leave should be sacked

Guardian (opinion)

In the wake of the Electoral Commission investigation into Vote Leave and finding them guilty of breaking electoral law, Molly argues Theresa May should sack ministers who were involved in the Leave campaign and that there is now no democratic mandate for Brexit.

Published: 17th July 2018 

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Key quotes

“In spite of the shocking weakness of our constitution that Brexit has exposed, we need the prime minister to demonstrate her stalwart defence of the rule of law by sacking cabinet ministers who were on the Vote Leave committee, namely Fox, Gove, Grayling and Raab.” (Vote Leave has been found by the Electoral Commission to have breached electoral law, have been fined and referred to the police)

“The Brexiteers are using arguments about democracy to try and force through something that will have profoundly negative impacts on the UK economy, society and the environment for generations to come. True democracy acknowledges that we make mistakes and provides opportunities to think again. Not only does this enhance rather than diminish our democracy, it may be necessary to save it.”