Green MEP to tell Exeter that Brexit now has no legitimacy

“It’s not too late to stop Brexit wrecking our lives.” That will be the robust message from the South West’s Green MEP when she visits Exeter next week. Molly Scott Cato, the region’s most prominent and vocal MEP on Brexit, will be giving a presentation at the Exeter Community Centre in St David’s on Tuesday in which she will argue that the EU referendum result now has no legitimacy and we need a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final deal between the EU and UK.

Molly Scott Cato, who is also Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“With revelations about criminal behaviour by the Leave campaign, manipulation of voters through social media, unworkable Brexit plans from the government and now cabinet resignations and a government in meltdown, it is clear the EU referendum result has no legitimacy. Brexit has exposed the broken state of our democracy and that the only real winners from the decision to leave the EU are a corrupt and wealthy elite.

“It is always a pleasure to visit Exeter, a city with an internationalist outlook and that voted to remain in the EU. It is also the city with a greater share of exports to the EU that any other city in the UK. 70% of exports from Exeter are destined for EU countries [1], so pulling out of the single market and customs union will hit the city particularly hard.

“Given that the mandate for Brexit now lies buried beneath countless occurrences of cheating, voter manipulation and law breaking, the people must now take back control. We must push for a Peoples Vote on the final deal between the EU and UK – with an option of exiting from Brexit and remaining in the EU.

The talk and discussion with Molly Scott Cato MEP will take place on Tuesday 24th July at Exeter Community Centre, St David’s Hill, beginning at 7pm. The event is being organized by Exeter Green Party and is free and open to everyone [2].


[1] Cities Outlook 2017 See page 19.

[2] People are asked to register their interest in attending on the Eventbrite page.