Greens launch report on alternatives to glyphosate as Monsanto face lawsuits over ‘carcinogenic’ weed killer

A report commissioned by the Greens in Europe on alternatives to glyphosate is published today. The report by the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) details different methods of weed control to using herbicides. The launch comes as a federal judge in the US has ruled that Monsanto – which was recently bought out by German giant Bayer – will have to face hundreds of lawsuits by cancer victims and their families over the potentially carcinogenic affects of glyphosate, which is used in the company’s Roundup weedkiller.

The PAN report highlights studies that have shown farm workers exposed to glyphosate had a higher incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a rare form of cancer, compared to those who had not used glyphosate, and to the World Health Organisation (WHO) who have concluded that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

Responding, Molly, who sits on the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, said:

“We can and we must weed out the poisons from Europe’s food and farming sector. Glyphosate might be hugely profitable for global corporates like Monsanto, but its continued use is highly dubious given its effects on health and the environment. The use of chemicals in farming has huge costs for society, and as Monsanto is discovering in the US, costs to the agri corporates themselves through lawsuits.

“Farmers need support in adapting to viable and affordable alternatives to chemical farming. These methods exist and are being showcased by many farmers, particularly those working in the rapidly expanding organic sector. This report makes a valuable contribution to farmers and food producers who want to move towards chemical-free farming methods.”