Cross-party statement challenging Brexit mandate and calling for People’s Vote

As reported in the Guardian
As reported in the Guardian

A cross-party group of MEPs have issued a statement which challenges the mandate for Brexit and demands a People’s Vote on the final deal between the UK and EU. The MEPs cite the Venice Commission, to which the UK is a signatory, that ruled campaigning over-spends are adequate grounds for annulling an election result.

Yesterday’s leaks of the Electoral Commission report on Vote Leave reveal several counts of breaches of electoral law including an inaccurate return of campaign expenditure, exceeded spending limits and collusion with the student campaign group BeLeave, passing on a donation of £625,000.

Molly said:

“Both the main Leave campaigns have breached electoral law. The mandate for Brexit lies dead, buried beneath countless occurrences of cheating, voter manipulation and law breaking. But there is a very clear way to resurrect our democracy and that is to offer voters a People’s Vote. The government must have the courage to put the interests of our country first and allow the people to have the final say.”