“Keep eye on the ball” warns MEP, as leaked Electoral Commission report shows Vote Leave broke electoral law

Molly has accused Leave campaign leaders of contempt following the decision by Vote Leave CEO Matthew Elliott to leak information from the forthcoming Electoral Commission report. The leaks were made public during England’s football match against Colombia and represent a breach of protocol. The report is likely to conclude that the Vote Leave campaign, headed by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, is guilty of four charges of breaking electoral law.

Molly, who is the Green Party’s Brexit speaker, said:

“Not content with breaking electoral law, the leaders of the Leave campaign are now showing contempt for due process by leaking legally sensitive information early. This is clearly an attempt to distort the truth before it is common knowledge and spin the story in their favour. It is also disturbing to see them using our public service broadcaster as their mouthpiece.”

“This appears to be a case of cheat, cheat and cheat again for the Leave side. First we have cheating by Leave.EU, then a police investigation into their financial officer Liz Bilney and now we have the official Leave campaign found guilty of colluding illegally with student campaign group BeLeave. And we see them cheating the publication rules to get their denials in early.”

Last week, Dr Scott Cato questioned Claire Bassett, the CEO of the Electoral Commission, about pre-leaking of the report at an evidence session of the Civil Rights Committee in Brussels, something Ms Bassett said was ‘regretable’.

Molly concluded:

“It is shockingly cynical to put this prebuttal out in the wake of the glorious success of the England football team in Moscow, although given the mounting evidence that Russia may have also played a hand in the victory for Leave, perhaps not inappropriate.

“I urge voters to keep their eye on the ball and, now that the mandate to leave the EU is so fatally undermined, shout even louder for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.’