A People’s Vote can ‘wake us up from our Brexit nightmare’ says Green MEP

Molly will join tens of thousands of people in London this Saturday marching for a People’s Vote  – a referendum on the deal between the UK and the EU with an option to maintain our existing relationship as full members of the European Union. The march comes as a new poll reveals that 48% of people now support the idea of a referendum on the final deal, compared to 25% who are opposed and ahead of an Electoral Commission report which is expected to conclude Vote Leave colluded with a smaller group, BeLeave, in breach of electoral rules.

Commenting ahead of tomorrow’s march, Molly said:

“The idea of a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal is now supported by twice as many people who oppose it. This is the way for people to take back control from the politicians who are failing them.

“Brextremist Tories are ideologically wedded to a destructive hard Brexit, whatever the costs to the country. Rebel Tories have buckled, with a few notable and brave exceptions. Labour have shown they aren’t up to the job of opposing the government on the most important issue facing the country; indeed, the Party’s leadership seem happy to help Theresa May deliver a hard Brexit. Which means only the people can wake us up from our Brexit nightmare.”

“Given the evidence pointing to Brexit being hugely damaging on our economy, as well as threatening our rights and environmental protections, people should have the democratic right to choose. Do they agree with the government’s deal, or no deal, or do they believe we would be better off remaining in the EU?”

“I will be marching with tens of thousands of others this Saturday; with fellow Greens and a cross-party group of MEPs demanding that people have the final say.”