MEP demands Home Secretary make public information on Kremlin meddling in EU referendum

Molly has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid demanding to know what is being done to investigate collusion between the Russian security services and the Brexit campaign. In particular, she has asked Mr Javid what information lies in the hands of MI5 Director General Andrew Parker and other security chiefs, and how much of this information should be made public to ensure a fully informed public debate about the decision to leave the EU.

Molly said:

“It is vital that the public have sight of security service reports concerning the role of Putin and the Kremlin in our national life and especially in the EU referendum campaign.

“The prime minister herself has raised the issue of Kremlin cyber espionage disrupting elections, although pointedly failed to link such meddling to Brexit. But attacks by the Kremlin on Western democracy cannot be detached from the long-standing hostility Putin has shown towards the European Union. Indeed, we have seen close collusion between Leave.EU frontman Arron Banks and the Russian Ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko.[1]

“Brexit threatens irreparable damage to our economy, the environment and our rights. Given the Leave result was won by a margin of less than 4%, it is crucial that all factors that may have influenced the outcome are made public so we can have an honest and open public debate on the validity of the result.

“The many questions and concerns surrounding the legitimacy of the Brexit result is why I will be marching with thousands of others in London this Saturday to demand a People’s Vote. Voters need a chance to change heart on our membership of the EU and declare their verdict on the final deal the UK negotiates with the EU.”