‘Bad Girl’ Liz Bilney – a ‘worthy addition’ to Bad Boys of Brexit website

Having turned her fire on the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’, Molly has today added a ‘Bad Girl’ to the ‘unholy alliance of global Money Men, small-state Regulation Burners and people with highly questionable Russian Connections’ who delivered Brexit.

Liz Bilney, who is chief executive of Leave.EU and registered as legally responsible for the campaign, has been added to the provocative and popular Bad Boys of Brexit website. Bilney is currently under police investigation after the Electoral Commission concluded that she “knowingly or recklessly signed a false declaration” on the Leave.EU referendum spending return. She has also been one of the strongest advocates for leaving the EU and declared ahead of the referendum that Brexit would make everyone better off by £1000. She has long standing business connections with self-declared Bad Boy of Brexit Aaron Banks, the co-founder of Leave.EU.

Commenting on the addition of Liz Bilney to the Bad Boys of Brexit roll call, Molly said:

“For every rule there is an exception and in this case, the exception is the exceptionally extraordinary Liz Bilney. As chief executive of Leave.EU, she carries the can for the organisation’s breaching of electoral law.

“She is also the face of the post-truth narrative that came to define Leave.EU. Her misinformation campaign, emphasising the so-called dividends of Brexit has now been totally debunked, but she was one of those who successfully used this false narrative to persuade people to vote Leave. Rather than £1000 extra for each person, Whitehall estimates that Brexit, under any scenario, would see a 2-8% drop in growth – not exactly the way to line people’s pockets.

“Liz Bilney has emulated the men behaving badly who have already found a place on my Bad Boys of Brexit website. She is a worthy addition.”