Energy Isolationism: How the UK is sailing into the wind on energy policy

This report, by Andrew Cooper and Clare Ingleby, looks at why the UK is increasingly isolated in its approach to energy, with a government continuing to subsidise fossil fuels, nuclear power and actively promoting the fracking industry. The report says: 

“Government energy policy seems to lack any strategic approach and flies in the face of developments in the energy market. It leaves us isolated in continuing to support yesterday’s technologies while other countries move ahead in developing the renewable energy systems of the future.

The report proposes some key steps that the UK needs to take in order to keep pace with the switch to renewables that is taking place across the globe and to meet our climate change emissions targets. Key recommendations include:

  • Divestment from fossil fuels and reinvestment in renewables
  • Reducing energy demand in our buildings substantially
  • The end of nuclear
  • 90% of UK energy to be from renewables by 2030
  • Grasping the energy storage revolution
  • Power to the people: prioritising communities, Local Authorities, and individuals over the Big Energy Sector.

Read the full report here.

See the press release here.