New threat to public services from Brexit, warns MEP

Molly has warned that at least a billion pounds of tax revenue, which could go towards funding the region’s schools and hospitals, will be lost due to Brexit. The warning comes in the wake of revelations that because Brexit is consuming all its time and resources, HMRC have shelved plans to digitalise tax procedures, which it estimates would have increased tax contributions to the exchequer by more than £1 billion.

The administrative streamlining included plans to help workers by, for example, automating the system whereby people changing job get their tax code automatically instead of being issued an Emergency Tax Code pending confirmation from HMRC.

Molly, an economist and Green Party speaker on finance, said:

“As government departments sweat it out trying to prepare for a doomsday no-deal scenario, new customs arrangements, and a host of other preparations, it is clear they have no time to deal with anything beyond coping with the government’s Brexit shambles.

“These are the taxes that fund our schools and hospitals. Our region’s public services have already suffered badly due to the Tories cruel austerity measures. Now they look set to take a further hit thanks to Brexit. And the loss in tax take by HMRC will be added to further by the huge reduction in business investment taking place across the UK due to uncertainties around Brexit.

“Day by day we see a picture emerging of how Brexit will make our communities poorer, not just economically, but socially and environmentally too. This is why we need a People’s Vote, so everyone gets the chance to decide whether our region and country should continue along the Brexit path the government has laid out for us or decide we are better off remaining as full members of the EU.”