Comment on Leave.EU breaching electoral law and being referred to police

Commenting on the conclusion by the Electoral Commission that the Leave.EU campaign exceeded its statutory spending limit, delivered incomplete and inaccurate spending returns, and has been referred to the police for further investigation, Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“Bristol based Leave.EU have been found to be law breakers and, with the organisation’s campaign chief under police investigation, there are almost certainly further and worse revelations to come.

The Electoral Commission’s report today adds to the mounting evidence of a Leave campaign that was mired in deception, manipulation and electoral fraud and it is clear the mandate for Brexit now lies dead.

“However, our Electoral Commission lacks the powers to declare the Brexit result invalid. The fact that our authorities lack teeth when incidences of electoral fraud take place needs addressing as a matter of urgency. But in the meantime, and in the interests of upholding democracy, the decision to leave the EU must now go back to the people. We need a People’s Vote, offering a final say on whether to proceed with Brexit and agree to the government’s deal, or remain a part of the EU.”