Brexit failing Cornwall, warns MEP as she visits region

Molly is visiting Truro this week and will warn the region that Brexit, and particularly leaving the customs union and single market, is failing Cornwall [1]. The visit comes as a survey reveals more people in Cornwall have changed their minds on Brexit than anywhere else in the country. While 57% of voters in the region voted to leave the EU, 52% now believe Britain will be better off economically inside Europe while 54% say the UK should continue to be part of the Single Market.

Molly will hold a public meeting on Cornwall and Brexit and take part in the popular BBC Radio Cornwall lunchtime show with Laurence Reed, ready to take questions on the impacts of Brexit and any other concerns listeners have. She will also visit Woodland Valley Farm, a local organic farm; local company Wattstor, a pioneer in vital storage and management systems for renewable energy; and meet senior Council officers and leaders concerned about the county’s future prosperity. 

Molly said:

“Many in Cornwall are having a change of heart over our EU membership. This is hardly surprising given the way in which the region has been so badly let down by the government over its utter failure to replace funding to Cornwall post-Brexit and the threat to farmers and businesses from leaving the customs union.  

“I want to speak up for the 50% of non-Tory voters in Cornwall who are completely unrepresented at Westminster, and for the growing numbers of Cornish people who don’t want to leave the EU, or at very least understand the importance of staying in the customs union and single market.

“This is why I believe that the people of Cornwall must be offered a meaningful say on the Brexit deal through a People’s Vote. People themselves need to take back control and decide whether the region will be better off with the agreed deal between the UK and the EU or whether it will be best for it to remain part of Europe. 

“I urge the people of Cornwall to lobby their Conservative MPs to back a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. We should expect nothing less if the UK is to be a truly democratic nation.”


[1] Molly will be visiting the Truro area from May 7th to 9th. She will be holding a free public meeting on ‘Cornwall and Brexit’, at 7.30pm on Wednesday May 9th, in The Compton Castle venue at Lemon Quay in central Truro.