Greens welcome whistleblower Directive which they helped initiate

Molly has warmly welcomed a proposal by the EU Commission on a Directive to protect whistleblowers. The announcement today follows the Greens own draft proposal together with pressure from a strong coalition of NGOs, trade unions and journalists.

Commenting on the proposed Directive, Dr Scott Cato, who wrote a report for the European parliament’s Economics Committee, which helped inform the proposal, said:

“This is a victory for Greens in the European Parliament. The proposed Directive by the Commission reflects the draft Directive on protecting whistleblowers presented by Greens back in 2016 [2] and demonstrates that, although MEPs do not have formal powers to initiate legislation, they are able to influence the EU’s legislative agenda.

“There are elements missing and we would like the Directive to go still further, but we have succeeded in pushing the Commission to act.  

“Member states must now engage constructively, not merely tell the Commission and the Parliament to go whistle. Greens are hopeful that despite right-wing opposition the European Parliament will act swiftly and vote to turn this proposal into law as soon as possible.”

“Whistleblowers are the people’s champions, protecting us all against the excessive power of the rich and powerful. We welcome the wide scope of these proposals from the Commission and especially the fact that both the public and private sectors will fall under the umbrella of whistleblower protection.”