Lords vote on UK staying in a customs union after Brexit: Molly responds

The House of Lords today voted by 348 to 225 in favour of a plan requiring ministers to report on steps to negotiate a continued EU-UK customs union. Commenting on the Lords support for an amendment to the government’s EU withdrawal bill, which backs continued participating in a customs union post-Brexit, Molly who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“This defeat over membership of a customs union post-Brexit is a serious blow for the government and particularly for the Brextremist wing of the Tory Party. It also shows the Lords are more in touch with the needs of UK businesses than are Tory ministers and that they take the potential threat to peace in Northern Ireland through the imposition of a customs border seriously.

“This vote won’t stop Brexit but it sends a clear message to the government that their hard-line plans are unacceptable. As Brexit continues to unravel by the day, the decision on whether to accept or reject the government’s Brexit deal should ultimately rest with neither Houses of Parliament. It should be decided by the people through a People’s Vote on the reality of what leaving the EU actually means.”