Green MEP to tell rally, it’s OK to change your mind on Brexit

Molly will this Saturday be speaking at a rally for Europe in Exeter. She will be joined by the city’s MP, Ben Bradshaw and fellow SW MEPs, Clare Moody and Julie Girling, ensuring a united cross-Party response to Brexit. The rally is being organised by pro-Europe group Devon for Europe [1]. People will march from Belmont Park to Bedford Square, where there will be a series of speeches.

Molly will tell the crowd that Brexit is a combination of ‘fanciful promises and half-truths’ and that the campaign to leave the EU was ‘manipulated and dominated by an alliance of far-right ideologues, climate change deniers, tax dodging billionaires and specialists in voter manipulation [2].’ She said:

“Each time a promise cannot be fulfilled the Brextremists blame our EU friends, driving us further apart and making a tolerable Brexit less likely. It is becoming clearer by the day that Brexit is all pain for no gain. We must resist; leaving the EU is not a done deal.

“This weekend’s rally will demonstrate the strength of opposition to the government’s extreme Brexit plans and will serve as a reminder that our democracy allows us to change our minds. We must have another chance to consider the future of this country.

 “It’s time to campaign for a people’s poll on the final deal, so everyone, and most specifically a young generation who weren’t able to vote in the EU referendum, can have a say on whether they want to accept the deal the government has negotiated or remain as fully-fledged members of the EU.”


[1] The rally begins at Belmont Park at 12pm and will march to Bedford Square for a series of speeches beginning at 1pm.

[2] Molly Scott Cato has detailed the ‘unholy alliance’ behind Brexit on her Bad Boys of Brexit website.