Green MEP challenges legitimacy of EU referendum result

Molly has written to the Electoral Commission to question the legitimacy of the EU referendum result. The challenge comes in light of revelations about how Cambridge Analytica has influenced elections. Alexander Nix, the recently suspended CEO of Cambridge Analytica, previously boasted that the company had helped “supercharge Leave.EU’s social media campaign” by targeting messages to voters.

In her letter, Molly asks the Electoral Commission to clarify if their on-going investigations into whether Vote Leave breached campaign finance rules will now include looking into the latest revelations about Cambridge Analytica. She also asks what criteria the Commission uses to deem an election illegitimate and what steps they would then take if the referendum was considered such.

Molly said:

“The more we learn about the highly dubious and possibly downright illegal ways in which the Leave campaign manipulated voters, the less and less robust the result of the EU referendum appears. Unlike in the US, the investigations into electoral tampering in the UK are taking place behind closed doors so I am asking the Electoral Commission to tell us what they know. I am also questioning at what point interference in an election or referendum makes a result illegitimate.

“Leaving the EU represents the greatest political, social and economic upheaval this country has faced in my lifetime. If it is found that there was significant manipulation during the referendum campaign we must raise questions about whether such a radical step should be taken.

“All this further underlines the need for a people’s poll on the final Brexit deal, and this time such a referendum must be based on accurate facts, not deliberate misinformation peddled by specialists in voter manipulation. This poll must of course include the option of remaining in the EU.”