Gibraltar MEP says UK remaining in Single Market is the ‘will of the people’

The House of Lords EU Select Committee is visiting Gibraltar this week to follow-up on its March 2017 report on the impacts of Brexit on the Rock. The report said that leaving the single market and ending free movement “would unavoidably have negative consequences for Gibraltar’s economy”. It points to the important role the Single Market has played in helping Gibraltar to develop its economy and highlights the fact that some 40% of the total Gibraltar workforce move daily across the land border with Spain. The report also identifies the vital role EU funding has played in supporting regional cooperation and highlights the fact that future funding of projects in Gibraltar may not fulfil the UK government’s strategic priorities.

Molly on a visit to Gibraltar.

Molly, who is the Green MEP for Gibraltar, said:

“Gibraltar and the complexities of our relationship with the Rock were belittled during the referendum campaign. The fact that 96% of voters wanted the UK to stay in the EU demonstrates the close relationship the people of Gibraltar feel they have with our EU partners. Given the overwhelming support for EU membership, it is clear that the UK remaining in the Single Market is the will of the people and will serve them best economically.”

“The UK government must also urgently confirm future funding arrangements for Gibraltar if it is unable to continue to access EU programmes after Brexit.”