Response to May’s ‘tough talk’ on Salisbury poisoning

Responding to Theresa May’s announcement to the House of Commons that it is highly likely that Moscow was involved in the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, Molly, who is Green MEP for the city said:

“Theresa May’s tough talk comes after the horse has bolted. While we wait to see what actions she will take if Russia fails to provide a credible response to this nasty crime, there is a worrying precedent here. When Litvinenko was murdered on British soil the response was extremely weak and more than a dozen suspect deaths of Russian nationals have been simply ignored since then. This encouraged Putin to think he could act with impunity.

“The wholly inadequate response to these crimes may well be linked to the way the Tories have encouraged rich Russians to park their money in London real estate, while the Conservative Party has readily accepted nearly a billion pounds in donations from Russian oligarchs. And then there are the strong connections between some Tories and Russians through the Conservative Friends of Russia group as well as well-founded allegations that Russian influence and money interfered in the EU referendum campaign.”

“We need to wake up to the fact that not only is Russian political retribution spilling out onto the streets of the UK, Russian meddling in the UK is also shaking the very foundations of our democracy.”