New tax committee to tackle unfinished work on tax justice

The European Parliament has approved the establishment of a new special committee on financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance. The special committee will be composed of 45 members, with Greens entitled to three full members. The vote on membership of the new committee is due to take place in March and Molly is hoping to be one of the Green members. Commenting on the new committee, as Green group spokesperson for tax justice, Molly said:

“We need to finish the work we’ve started on delivering tax justice across the EU. When the Panama Papers scandal broke, the European Parliament took swift action. We produced a strong set of recommendations that could help bring an end to the seemingly unending series of tax scandals that have hit Europe in recent years.

Through this new committee, we can finally tackle the running sore of the UK overseas territories and make sure that Brexit does not lead to a world-leading tax haven on the EU’s doorstep. Citizens deserve to know that everyone is paying their fair share, with no exceptions for the super rich or big corporations.”