Response to Jeremy Corbyn speech on Brexit

Responding to Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit speech, Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“The decision by Labour to seek a customs union deal for the UK after Brexit shows that their policy is evolving in the right direction. It is a real sign of hope for our manufacturing industries such as Honda in Swindon who would not be profitable outside the customs union.

“Can we now hope for similar enlightenment on the single market? Worryingly, the Labour leadership seem to be as confused on this issue as they were on the customs union. Corbyn still hasn’t grasped that membership of the single market does not stand in the way of nationalisation and that state aid rules, far from being a sign of a bosses’ Europe, are essential to control corporate power – as in the case of the ruling on Apple’s sweetheart tax deal in Ireland.

“Labour is also running scared of some of its voters on migration and refusing to accept that the failure to limit free movement is a problem made in London not Brussels. Greens welcome free movement as a positive force for European integration; to protect our public services and safeguard a prosperous and jobs-rich economy.”