Green MEP to focus on impacts of Brexit as she visits Plymouth and Exeter

Molly is visiting Plymouth and Exeter during a ‘constituency week’ to speak at public meetings on the state of Brexit negotiations and the implications on both cities of leaving the EU. Molly is Green Party speaker on Brexit and was recently well received answering questions on Brexit during on an appearance on the BBC’s political panel show Any Questions.

Molly said:

“The shambolic state of Brexit negotiations is deeply alarming. The clock is ticking and little progress is being made. Indeed, it is shocking that the government still don’t have any coherent idea on what they want the UK to look like post-Brexit.

“There are potentially hugely negative consequences for Exeter and Plymouth of leaving the EU; the cities top the list of cities most dependent on exports to the EU. Yet we see the hardliners in the Conservative Party being driven by ideology rather than what is in the best interests of the South West region and the country.”

The public meetings will provide a chance to hear a Green perspective on Brexit and find out how Brexit is being perceived by our partners in the European Union and European Parliament. Molly added:

“Contrary to hysterical media stories about the EU wanting to punish the UK and make leaving as difficult as possible, my experience shows MEPs from other countries are hugely sympathetic and supportive. They have no wish to inflame the divisions and tensions that exist in this country over our EU membership.”

While in Plymouth, Molly will visit several local businesses, and meet with Barbican residents to hear views from one of Plymouth’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. In Exeter, she will attend a meeting with leaders of social enterprises and, as the City Council launches a consultation on actions it is proposing to take to clean up the city’s air, will visit Hunter Stoves, an innovative wood burning stove company pioneering low emission log-burners. Molly said:

“The contribution of wood-burning stoves to air pollution in cities has recently been highlighted and Exeter is trying to get to grips with its poor air quality, so I look forward to finding out how innovation can help limit or eliminate harmful emissions from log-burners.”