Molly exposes the unholy alliance of ‘Bad Boys’ behind Brexit

Molly is today launching a website to expose the ‘unholy alliance’ of men behind the campaign to leave the EU. The ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ website contains details of the coalition of ‘far-right ideologues, climate change deniers, tax-dodging foreign billionaires and specialists in voter manipulation’ who successfully persuaded a majority of the public to vote to leave the EU.

Molly says the truth is ‘frightening but also empowering’ and hopes the information will strengthen the growing support for a final say on the deal with the EU, with an option to reverse Brexit and remain a member of the EU.

Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“‘Take Back Control’ was one of the most persuasive soundbites ever used in a political campaign. Leaving the EU was presented as a chance to regain UK sovereignty from Brussels and return power to the British people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“The campaign to Leave the EU was managed and funded by an unholy alliance of global money men, regulation burners and people with highly questionable Russian connections. They include far-right ideologues, climate change deniers, tax-dodging foreign billionaires, specialists in voter manipulation and even a convicted fraudster.

“It is time to look behind the headlines and hold these Bad Boys of Brexit accountable for the dishonest and opaque campaign they led; a campaign which successfully persuaded a majority of UK citizens to make a decision so deeply damaging to their future.

“Some of the names are well-known: Arron Banks, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. Others, like Crispin Odey, Robert Mercer and Dominic Cumming will be less familiar. But all these men – and it is almost exclusively men – have played a part in enacting one of the greatest political conspiracies of my lifetime. What they all share in common is that they are part of a political and financial elite, and many of them stand to profit personally from the decision to leave the EU.

“I urge everyone to take a careful look at the men who have undermined the very foundations of our democracy. The truth is frightening, but it is also empowering. We can use this information to sharpen our resolve that Brexit can, and must, be stopped. Armed with a clearer idea of the real motivation for Brexit and of what life both inside and outside the EU will look like, the public must be given the opportunity to have a final say through a ‘ratification referendum.’”