Response to leak of impact studies and Brexiteer reaction

Molly has accused the Conservative government of turning a war against itself into a war against the Civil Service. Responding to the ‘rubbishing’ of leaked Brexit impacts studies by leading Brexiteers, including Ian Duncan Smith, Molly Scott Cato, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“The Tories are turning their own civil war into an attack on the Civil Service. Because the economic warnings contained in the studies don’t fit with their distorted world view on the impacts of leaving the EU, Brexiteers are turning their fire on civil servants who produced the analyses. But neither do they deny that these studies are official government papers, and the projections made in them reveal possible versions of our future ranging from dire to extremely dire if we don’t stop Brexit.

“Duncan Smith says we should take such forecasts, with their damning portrait of life post-Brexit under any scenario, with a pinch of salt. I suggest that his idea of ignoring the advice of civil servants; desperately wanting to keep the public in the dark over what these studies contain, and flying blind hoping the forecasts will turn out to be wrong, are what the public will be far more sceptical about.”

Molly has been in battle with the government for many month over the release of studies into the impacts of Brexit, which the government said repeatedly it had carried out, and then Brexit secretary, David Davis, denied existed.