Secret Brexit studies are dynamite – it’s time we all got to see them, says Green MEP

Molly, who is in a battle with the government over the release of studies into the impacts of Brexit, has responded angrily to the news that these studies, which Brexit secretary David Davis previously claimed did not exist, are to be shared with a small group of cabinet ministers in one-to-one meetings with officials this week. The ministers will be asked to hand them back at the end of the discussion.

Just a few weeks ago David Davis told the committee for leaving the EU that such studies did not in fact exist. This was despite the fact he had previously told Parliament that studies into the economic impacts of Brexit in various sectors had been carried out in ‘excruciating detail’.

Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“Given the extreme secrecy with which these impact studies are being treated it is clear that they are dynamite in terms of the Brexit debate.

“This continuing fiasco reinforces that David Davis might be good at magic – able to make studies appear and disappear at whim – but is simply not up to the job of Brexit secretary and has totally lost control of his brief.

First he says that impact studies have been carried out in ‘excruciating detail’, then he tells a committee they don’t exist at all. But now we know they do exist and they are to be seen in secret by cabinet ministers this week.

We need full public disclosure of these studies. We all have a stake in our shared future and we need to know just how bad, or how good, the government’s hard Brexit plans will be for jobs and the economy.”