Response to Theresa May’s speech on the environment

Responding to Theresa May’s speech on the environment, and the government’s 25 year plan, Molly said:

“The Tories plans are a tiny drop in a plastic filled ocean. Of course action to reduce plastic waste is welcome, but this provides a useful diversion from the many government policies that are trashing the environment. In particular the £5bn in subsidies to fossil fuels since 2010 and kick-starting a whole new fossil industry in fracking.  

“I am tired of the Tories putting on environmental clothes to counter their nasty party image. They pick some low-hanging fruit – measures which are easy and popular such as a ban on the ivory trade and banning bee killing pesticides – while continuing to spend billions on more roads and expanding airports.

“Theresa May’s speech confirms that the Tories have trouble seeing the wood for the trees. What we need is systemic changes and an Environment Act that provides legally enforceable timelines and milestones. Instead we get more greenwash to appease the Daily Mail. Fundamentally, we need to shift the focus of the economy away from endless growth and pointless consumption towards ensuring everybody has a decent, happy and meaningful life.

“To push for the bold green changes we need, rather than the insipid hint of green offered by the Tories today, requires greater Green representation at Westminster. In that sense perhaps the greenest move of all would be to reform our archaic voting system; to introduce a fair proportional system that would enable more green MPs to be elected to support and build on the excellent work of Caroline Lucas.”