Brexiteers plan to fall back on WTO rules ‘lies in tatters’

Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, has said the idea of falling back on WTO rules, being pushed by hardline Brexiteers, ‘lies in tatters.’ The warning comes as the World Trade Organization ministerial conference in Buenos Aires ended in deadlock, dashing hopes for new deals on issues such as e-commerce and farm and fisheries subsidies. The EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom, said the summit exposed one of the WTO’s biggest deficiencies: that of reaching unanimous consent amongst 164 member countries.

Responding, Molly said:

“The latest WTO ministerial meeting has disintegrated in total failure, with the Brextremists’ idea of depending on WTO rules lying in tatters. It shows just how difficult it would be to negotiate tariffs and schedules requiring agreement by 164 member countries and within an organisation that has demonstrated itself unfit to manage disputes over global trade.

“This reinforces how important the agreed common standards provided by the Single Market and Customs Union are for our economic prosperity. More than that, in order to continue helping shape the rules of the internal market we need to remain as full members of the EU.

“With the Brexiteers plans unravelling at speed and their promises lying in tatters it is essential that the British people are given a final say with an option to remain in the EU, the most successful regulatory community we belong to.”