Joint statement from South West MEPs on Brexit resolution in European Parliament

Explaining why they voted in favour of a European Parliament resolution supporting progressing Brexit negotiations to the next phase, Molly and fellow South West MEP, Labour’s Clare Moody, issued the following joint statement:

Today we voted for a resolution to accept that sufficient progress has been made to move on to the next phase of the Brexit negotiations.

While it is clear that intractable issues such as questions around the Irish border and the Good Friday Agreement have been delayed, progress on those and other crucial issues such as citizen’s rights, cannot now take place until our future relationship with the EU has been negotiated. The resolution makes clear that there are a number of critical issues outstanding and that these need to be addressed thoroughly in the next phase of talks.

There is nothing to be gained by slowing down the negotiations. The incoherence and inconsistency of the UK government has already caused too much delay. We will keep fighting to protect those most vulnerable to the impacts of Brexit and to firmly anchor these rights in the next European Parliament resolution and the Withdrawal Agreement.