MEPs demand Israel compensates EU taxpayers for costs of bombing

Molly has demanded that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu repay the EU at least €1.5m for the demolition of homes, schools, playgrounds and water and electricity infrastructure that were funded by the EU. She has added her signature to a ‘bill’ to the Israeli prime minister which has been coordinated by SNP MEP, Alyn Smith [1].  

Commenting Molly said:

“The EU is a generous donor to infrastructure and services that improve the lives of people in Palestine. Netanyahu’s visit to Brussels is an excellent opportunity to remind Israel that we expect them to pay for the destruction to those projects, paid for through European taxes, that his violent policies in Gaza and the West Bank have destroyed. The EU continues to support Palestinians’ right to lead a decent and secure life in a state of their own. We continue to condemn the actions of the Israeli government in attempting to drive Palestinians out of the land that is rightfully theirs.”

Israel has been demolishing humanitarian aid projects built for vulnerable Palestinian communities, a policy which appears aimed at driving Palestinians out of large parts of the occupied Palestinian territories. Since Netanyahu became PM in 2009, Israel has demolished 5293 Palestinian structures in the West Bank, displacing 8540 people from their homes. At least 400 of these have been EU and member state funded structures, worth almost over € 1.5m, though these figures only cover the EU contribution to the humanitarian structures, not their full cost. 

Last week, in a widely condemned move, President Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, a move rebuffed by EU foreign ministers who see this as working against the peace process.   

Molly added:

“President Trump’s provocative and hugely unhelpful move has rightly been condemned across the globe. But the UK could do more than simply distance itself from Trump’s position: it should recognise the state of Palestine as the European Parliament did back in 2014.”