Brexit ‘breakthrough’: Comment from Molly, Green Party Brexit spokesperson

Commenting on news of an apparent breakthrough in negotiations between the UK and EU and that Brexit discussions will now move on to the next phase, Molly who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, said:

“Brexit should not be about winners and losers but about ensuring that all citizens currently in the EU, including the British ones, are safe and secure after March 2019. In this regard the agreement reached between the EU and UK demonstrates that Barnier and Tusk are doing a much better job protecting those they represent than Davis and May are on our behalf.

“They identified early on that the rights of citizens of the EU27, including Irish citizens and businesses, were vulnerable and have acted to protect them. They also ensured that commitments already made to fund projects across the EU would not be damaged by the UK’s withdrawal and a potential hole in the budget.

“By contrast, the Tories are being driven by blind ideology that will serve only a tiny minority of financiers, tax avoiders and regulation burners and are allowing the rights and freedoms of the vast majority of UK citizens to be fatally undermined.”

“This Brextremist agenda and the fact we are still in the dark on what a future relationship between the EU and UK will look like means people must have the final say. That is why Greens will continue to champion a ratification referendum on the final deal allowing people to accept the deal on offer at the end of the process or reject it and remain a member of the EU.”