Green MEP responds to decision on five-year renewal of toxic glyphosate

Responding to news that a qualified majority of EU member states reached a decision to renew the license for the controversial weed killer glyphosate for a further five years, Molly, who is a member of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, commented:

“This is a toxic decision. A majority of EU nations, including the UK are ignoring huge opposition from civil society; the almost one and a half million EU citizens who have signed a petition against glyphosate and the European Parliament who recently voted for a five-year phase out.

“This again confirms the profound influence agrichemical corporates have over our public institutions and policymakers. Governments have cracked under the intimidating pressure of Monsanto and others.

“It is time to weed out the poison from the Commission and its Agencies and root out corporate lobbyists who are having such a huge influence on EU governments. They are working against the interests of public health and environmental protection.”

The decision was reached in the Appeal Committee, which consists of experts from EU countries together with the European Commission. Eighteen countries, including the UK, voted in favour of renewing the chemical which has been linked to cancers and other health problems as well as having damaging impacts on soil and biodiversity.