European Green Party support ratification referendum on final Brexit deal

Molly has warmly welcomed support for a resolution on holding a ratification referendum, agreed at the European Green Party conference in Karlstad, Sweden today. Such a referendum, which has long been supported by the Green Party of England and Wales, would allow people a democratic choice between accepting the negotiated terms for Brexit or remaining part of the EU.

Molly said:

“The European Green family has expressed concern about the chaotic nature of the UK government’s negotiating strategy, and the massive failure of transparency in its refusal to release detailed studies on the impact of Brexit.

“But the key focus of debate was the need for democratic decision-making on Britain’s future, which demands a ratification referendum on the final Brexit deal. This referendum needs to offer the option of remaining a member of the EU and be an open, honest and transparent vote.

“It was obvious that there was a serious and disturbing lack of honesty in the debate in the 2016 referendum, and it is becoming increasingly clear there has been a lack of transparency, and possibly outright illegality in the funding of the Leave campaigns.”

Former leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, Natalie Bennett, who was in Karlstad, said:

“It was encouraging to receive the wholehearted support of the European Green family for the England and Wales Green Party’s position, and their understanding of the way in which the British people had been failed by the political system and media in the referendum debate.

“The Council also heard a scathing critique of the failings of the British political system and media from Sweden’s foreign minister and deputy prime minister, Margot Wallstrom, a Social Democrat, who addressed the Council.

“There was no desire at all to punish the British people for the referendum vote, or to harm British interests. What was heartening was the compassion and support for the British people in the midst of the uncertainty and turmoil.

“And, as the motion adopted expressed, there was a strong desire for us to remain as part of the European Union, in our interests, and those of the EU27.”