The Government must stop this farce and release the Brexit studies in full

New Statesman

Published: 8th November 2017

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Key quotes:

“The government has finally been forced into releasing studies into the economic impacts of Brexit on 58 sectors of the economy.

“The attempts to have these studies released has shown how the vote to leave the EU has exposed a huge democratic deficit in our country. In the space of just two years David Davis has turned from champion of free information to a gatekeeper blocking its release.

“Assurances made by the government that the studies would be released have been replaced with procrastination and playing semantics. So, we have written again to both the Brexit secretary David Davis, and the chancellor Phillip Hammond, to reiterate the need for a “fully informed public and parliamentary debate about the terms of Brexit, and the importance of these documents to that debate.

“At a time when the country is undergoing the greatest challenge in a generation, the public must not be left in the dark any longer. The government must release these studies in full, to everyone.”