Letters relating to request for government to release Brexit impact studies

Molly has teamed up with Jolyon Maugham QC and The Good Law Project and lawyers to demanded the government release studies the government has carried out into the impacts of Brexit. Below is the correspondence thread that has taken place between lawyers representing Molly and the Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) and the Treasury.

Original letter to DExEU and Treasury requesting the government release the Brexit studies.

Response from DExEU

Response from Treasury

The responses were considered unsatisfactory, so a further letter was sent stressing that the absence of a clear commitment to disclose the sectoral studies and the report of HM Treasury to the public would result in judicial review proceedings in order to obtain their disclosure.  

Follow-up letter to DExEU and the Treasury

A response is awaited.

A letter from David Davis to Hilary Benn, chair of the Committee for Exiting the EU provides further details about the studies and demonstrates lack of clarity about when the studies wioll be released or how much will be redacted.

Letter to DExEU and the Treasury, sent 20th November 2017, outlining intention to seek judicial review and reasons for doing so. The letter outlines the proposed claim, in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for judicial review.