MEP demands Electoral Commission publish findings of investigations into ‘disturbing allegations’ against Leave.EU campaign

Molly is demanding the Electoral Commission reveal the extent to which they have investigated alleged illegal spending intended to influence the 2016 EU referendum result. She has written to the Commission asking if their enquiries are now complete and, if so, asking it to publish the findings. Molly said:

“As we head towards the Brexit cliff face, the public needs reassurance that the decision taken last June was democratically legitimate. The series of disturbing allegations around the Leave campaign, some of which suggest breaches of law, have never been fully investigated. If any of these worrying allegations are shown to be true, then it raises deep concerns about the democratic process and casts a huge shadow over the result of the referendum.

“I am demanding the Electoral Commission publish the results of any enquiries they have carried out into illegal spending by foreign governments and bodies in support of the Leave.EU campaign and to reassure the public they continue to take all other allegations seriously and that these will be investigated.

“Given the highly dubious tactics of the Leave.EU campaign and the way this is likely to have influenced the result, it is vital that people are offered a ratification referendum at the end of the Brexit negotiations, with an option to remain in the EU.”

Molly has also asked whether the Electoral Commission has explored a series of additional allegations including whether individuals were being paid by US news organisation Breitbart while working as senior unpaid Ukip volunteers; widespread concerns over foreign and particularly Russian interference, and allegations that twitter accounts were established, or were in the pay of, the Russian government as part of an international disinformation campaign during the referendum.