Green MEP welcomes parliamentary debate on second referendum

Molly has welcomed the fact Parliament will debate the idea of a second referendum on our EU membership in December. While the government remain totally opposed to offering a further referendum, they are none-the-less obliged to ensure a discussion following a petition on the government petition site which has received well over the 100,000 signatures needed to spark a parliamentary debate. The petition calls on the government to give the people…the final say on the Brexit deal negotiated by the UK and EU. This would be done through a referendum that would take place prior to the April 2019 exit date.’

Molly, who launched the Green Party’s own policy of offering a ratification referendum in April, said:

“There is nothing undemocratic about a further referendum. We are asking for more democracy, not less. We want a democratic choice between two real, possible futures at the end of the Brexit negotiations: the deal, or remaining a member of the EU. It is the Brextremists, fighting tooth and nail against such a referendum, who are the anti-democrats. They are terrified that the British people will next time round be armed with the facts and have a much clearer idea of two alternative futures.”

Molly acknowledged that she would back a remain vote in such a referendum:

“I believe that the historic mistake to leave the EU can and must be reversed. It is through a further referendum that the people themselves will bring an end to this damaging and dangerous chapter in our county’s history. I believe as Greens we must add our voices to the growing chorus demanding that we can – and we must – stop Brexit.”