Green MEP urges members to back Stop Brexit position

Molly, who is Green Party speaker on Brexit, has reaffirmed a commitment to a ratification referendum at the Party’s conference in Harrogate and has told members it is the best way to reverse the decision to leave the EU.

In her speech to conference, Molly said:

“I believe that the historic mistake to leave the EU can and must be reversed. It is through championing our ratification referendum and campaigning to remain in the EU in such a referendum that the people will bring an end to this damaging and dangerous chapter in our county’s history. I believe as Greens we must add our voices to the growing chorus demanding that we can – and we must – Stop Brexit!”

Molly said a ratification referendum will offer ‘more not less democracy’:

“There is nothing undemocratic about this. We are asking for more democracy, not less. We are asking for a democratic choice between two real, possible futures at the end of the Brexit negotiations: the deal, or remaining a member of the EU.”

She also made a blistering attack on the Conservatives over their record on Brexit:

“The Conservative Party are disfiguring our country beyond recognition. They have proved themselves to be incapable of governing and their petty squabbles are destructive at home and embarrassing abroad.

“It is the Brextremists, fighting tooth and nail against the ratification referendum, who are the anti-democrats. They are terrified that the British people will next time round be armed with the facts and have a much clearer idea of two alternative futures.”

She accused Labour of failing to show opposition ‘on the dominant political issue of the day’:

“Labour cannot claim to be a government in waiting when they won’t even provide opposition on the dominant political issue of the day. They have failed to grasp that the economic damage that Brexit will do will make all the dreams of a better future for Britain and for Britain’s working people turn to dust. There is one simple message for Labour on Brexit: you can’t be anti-austerity and pro-Brexit.”

Molly was also keen to say how Greens are distinctive from the LibDems on the EU:

“We will never shy away from being critical of the free market corporate agenda that drives much of EU policy. Greens in Europe are fighting every day for social, economic and environmental justice. We have always believed that the EU must be reformed and that another Europe is possible. It is this which makes us so distinctive from the Liberals in Europe.”

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