Greens welcome reinstatement of protection for huge Amazon reserve

Molly has welcomed a decision by the Brazilian government to reinstate a mining ban in the Renca Amazonian nature reserve. In August, President Temer announced that an area the size of Denmark would be opened for exploitation, a decision which led to an international outcry.

Molly strongly condemned the decision at the time and called for the EU Commission to block all imports extracted from Amazonian reserves in Brazil. She has given the decision to restore protective measures for the reserve a cautious welcome:

“Opening up the Amazon for exploitation by large mining companies would be catastrophic for the earth’s climate, for biodiversity and for local indigenous communities, so I am delighted the Brazilian government has responded to international pressure and overturned what would have been a hugely destructive act.

“We need to remain on our guard however. President Temer is a friend of big business and will continue to be lobbied by those who would happily tear up the Amazon for profit. We must match that lobbying, tirelessly repeating the important message that the Amazon is not for sale.”