Written question to Commission on EU-Japan trade deal

Molly submitted a written question on the proposed Japan-EU trade deal, known as JEFTA. She challenged the apparent imbalance around proposals to drop tariffs on cheese exports in return for lower tariffs on imported Japanese cars. She asked the EU trade commissioner for the relative value of EU exports of dairy products to Japan compared with EU imports of cars from Japan. The response from the Commission confirmed that car imports massively outstrip dairy exports to Japan: between 2014 and 2016, just 0.4% (€248 million) of the EU’s exports was in dairy products, while 13% (€7.8 billion) of the EU’s imports from Japan were cars.

Written question to the Commission

Response from the Commission

See also an article by Molly with more details about JEFTA, the EU-Japan trade deal, and a press release about the government’s attempts to replicate the deal with Japan post-Brexit.